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My Last Summer as a High School Student
July 5, 2021. By Athena Rapinan

Time flies. I’m already going to be a senior in high school. It doesn’t feel real, especially since the pandemic has made half of my high school experience online. This summer I have been keeping busy with college classes and various activities. I am taking Fundamentals of Chemistry and Introduction to Ethnic Studies, which is a total of 7 units. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it for when I’m able to transfer all these credits over to college. I’m also partaking in an internship at Dr. Arthur Ting’s Rehabilitation Center, the same facility I worked at the previous summer. I really enjoy working there as the atmosphere is very lively and the people are fun to work with. This month, I also plan on attending a workshop for prospective pre-med students. I’ve been keeping  myself busy. However, whenever I do have free time, I’ve been brushing up on my guitar skills. This includes learning a new song, “Hey There Delilah”.

My 2021 summer activities:

  • Taking college courses worth seven units: Fundamentals of Chemistry and Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • Summer internship at Dr Arthur Ting’s Rehabilitation Center
  • Summer homework for ACCEL English and Economics classes
  • Visit college campuses and start college applications
  • Attend medicine Brainterns workshop
  • Participate on the Girls Academic 50 ID Camp, an Exact Sports soccer camp
  • Renew soccer referee license

A letter and $50 gift from one of the clients I worked with at Dr. Arthur Ting's Rehabilitation Center.a letter from my client

This summer and first semester of senior year is a very crucial time for the college admissions process. This is when I either choose to start the process early, or procrastinate and wait until the last second to start filling out the college application. Oh, and don’t forget the essays! The dreadful essays! Before I go back to school, it’s my goal to have a list of colleges that I want to apply to, as well as some solid ideas for the essays I will have to write. Thinking about applying to colleges seems surreal to me. It doesn’t feel like I’m that old and already at that point of my life.

While I am busy with school work,college applications and other activities, I still want to make sure that I have fun and come back strong after a year-and-a-half of online school. I plan to do my best to make my senior year as fun and memorable as possible.