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My First Internship
September 6 2020. By Athena Rapinan

During the months of June and July, I interned at Dr Arthur Ting’s Rehabilitation Center every Wednesday and Friday. This was my very first internship, so it was exciting to take part in something I have never done before. My fellow interns and the other trainers there were really welcoming, and I was able to make new friends with both my coworkers and the patients that I worked with.

Working Hard

I met many interesting people during the internship, the majority of the patients being student athletes. There were also a few professional and high level athletes that I met, such as footballer D.J. Jones from the San Francisco 49ers. Aside from all of the young and rising athletes, there were also ordinary people that received training from our instructors.

My job required basic knowledge of kinesiology, knowing how to operate the modalites, and what exercises to instruct the patients to do based on their injury. When a patient first walks in, I would set them up on a H Wave Muscle Stimulator and apply heating pads on their problem area. Then, I would guide the patient through their warm up. When the patient is done, an experienced trainer would take over and work with them. Once the patient finished their workout, they still have four remaining modalities to get treatment from, and my job is to set them up on those machines. It’s also my job to clean all the equipment and machines the patient has used with a disinfectant.

I was able to take away a lot from this experience, and it is safe to say that I have also changed because of it too. This is everything I have learned and accomplished from my internship:

  • I learned the benefits of the modalities, what they do, and how to use them
  • Improved my confidence and communication skills 
  • I learned about different exercises and drills that can help improve speed, agility, strength, balance, and efficiency
  • I learned about the different processes and milestones postoperative patients have to go through
With the abundance of knowledge and experience I gained from this internship, I am learning how to help people recover from surgeries or other injuries. I not only achieved one of my summer goals by completing this internship, but I also became more interested in the human body, and have been inspired to go into a medical field. I am glad I have had the opportunity to do this internship, and would have loved to extend it longer if it wasn’t for Covid19 concerns and restrictions. I am looking forward to my next summer internship.