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Update on my Bucket List
July 29, 2017. By Athena Rapinan

It has been almost two years since I have written my first bucket list. So far, I have completed thirteen items and I’m adding ten new ones. My goal is to finish as many of these activities as I can throughout my lifetime. I know this will take me on many great adventures and I will learn much along the way.

Here are my bucket list items I have completed:

  • #5. Go parasailing
  • #7. Learn to skateboard
  • #12. Learn to speak Greek
  • #16. Learn to play guitar
  • #17. Learn to play piano
  • #18. Learn to play saxophone
  • #35. Become a better cook and baker
  • #36. Learn to paint art work
  • #37. I want to learn how to braid hair
  • #39. Learn to use chopsticks
  • #44. I want to get a dog
  • #47. Learn to knit hats
  • #48. Make charms out of clay
Athena's Bucket List - Last Updated July 29, 2017

Here are the new ones I have added:

  • #51. Get a part time job at age 16
  • #52. Open an investment account before age 21
  • #53. Visit all 50 States
  • #54. Visit all 7 continents
  • #55. Open a bank account by age 18
  • #56. Buy a house by age 25
  • #57. Create a YouTube video with 10K+ views
  • #58. Learn how to play basketball
  • #59. Coach a team
  • #60. Meet a few San Jose Sharks players

I can’t wait to see how many items on my list I can accomplish in the next year or two. It will be lots of fun and I can’t wait to go on my next adventure.