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This is why I want to learn how to play guitar
September 19, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar. I like the way it sounds, the way it looks, and just learning how to play it is awesome. Playing the guitar would be such an accomplishment. My goal by year end is to learn two songs.

playing guitarRecently, my family and I went to a shop called Guitar Showcase. The Acoustic Guitar I got came with five picks, a bag, and a tuner. When we came home, I started to play with it immediately. I knew I would have a great time playing this musical instrument.

There are three ways that will help me learn how to play the guitar:
1) Private lessons at San Jose Academy of Music.
2) Free online lessons with
3) Practice ten minutes a day.

If I continue with this plan, I will learn to play it in no time. Playing guitar is cool, it is a good skill to have, and I will complete another item on my bucket list - that is why I want to learn to play guitar.