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Attending college during my last two years of High School
April 2, 2021. By Athena Rapinan

My last two years of high school will be held at Evergreen Valley College. This is made possible by the Accel Middle College program where high school students, like me, take their last two years of high school at a community college. Students receive high school and college credit, while taking all of their junior and senior classes at the local community college.

I believe this is a great program in putting me ahead in my college experience. So far I have completed three college courses: General Psychology, Calculus, and Art Appreciation. By the end of Spring 2021, I will complete three additional college courses: Statistics, Sociology, and Psychology 60 for Personal Growth & Adjustment. The remaining nine college course I plan to take are:

  • Summer 2021: Chemistry and Ethics
  • Fall 2021: English 1A, General Biology, and Nutrition
  • Winter 2022: English 1
  • Spring 2022: English 1C, Sign Language, and Human Anatomy

By the time I graduate high school, I would complete all my college general education requirements.

Advantages of Accel Middle College
  • Allows students to complete their high school education while experiencing college. 
  • Students who participate in this program get a jump start to their future.
  • There is a variety of classes that are offered which allows students to explore new majors and decide which one they want to pursue. 
  • One semester of a college class in this program is equivalent to one whole school year of an AP class at high school.
  • College classes are offered throughout the day which allows students to have a flexible schedule. 

Challenges of Accel Middle College

  • I will not have a traditional high school experience as I will attend Evergreen Valley College full time.
  • Requires a greater amount of responsibility and maturity. 
  • Transportation from the college to my high school for after school sports.  
  • Working with other college students who will be much older than I am.
Enrolling in this dual-enrollment program has allowed me to mature and make great progress in my education. Taking college courses has been a great experience, making me more prepared and excited for what lies ahead. Despite some of my doubts prior to applying, I’m so glad I decided to make this change. I have no regrets, and have also improved myself as a student when it comes to study habits and time management. Being a part of a dual-enrollment program at your local community college is something that all high school students should consider.