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Exciting New Soccer Adventures
October 13, 2019. By Athena Rapinan


This season, I joined the Barcelona Bay Area (BBA) soccer club. My 04G National Premier League (NPL) team competes at the NPL Champions League. The Champions League is a whole new level of competition which is more intense and exciting. Getting out of my comfort zone and joining a tougher team has already made me a bigger threat on the field.San Jose Earthquakes DA 04G Profile

With BBA, I am a starter in the offensive line up. I play center forward or wing, which is different than what I am used to as an attacking midfielder (a position I played well with South San Jose Alphas White 02G and Blue 03G teams for three years). This is a good change for me since I will become a more versatile and well-rounded player.

Before joining BBA, I tried out with MVLA ECNL 04G and Earthquakes DA 04G. These teams were the champions of their respective leagues in the nation last season. In short, I didn’t make neither of these teams. Fortunately, the Earthquakes DA head coach recommended I join its sister or feeder club BBA. He thought I would fit in perfectly with the team. I’m glad I joined as I am now the starting striker, getting a lot of playing time, and successfully contributing to team’s offense. My hard work is also being noticed by the coaches as I have been invited to play up in two Earthquakes Development Academy (DA) games. I am officially a part time Development Player for the San Jose Earthquakes DA 04G team. Check out my team profile here:

I am happy with the team I am on now. The coaching is great, training is more intense, and my teammates are a lot more competitive. Being the new girl is never fun and nerve-racking. Trying out for a new team is even worse and always intimidating. Looking back now, I was nervous for no reason. My lesson learned is to remember to be myself, work hard, and don’t worry about making mistakes. It will all pay off at the end.

San Jose Earthquakes DA 04G vs Beach Club Futbol San Jose Earthquakes DA 04G vs Beach Club Futbol