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My 2019 Goals
January 4, 2019. By Athena Rapinan

Last year, I accomplished nine out of the eleven goals I had set for myself. This year I hope to do even better, and 2018 Goals Updateaccomplish all the goals that I have. For 2019, I will focus on my health, sports, school, and music. Below are all of my 2019 goals.

  1. Complete freshman year with 4.0 GPA
  2. Complete 1st half of sophomore year with 4.0 GPA
  3. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day
  4. Improve handwriting and calligraphy
  5. Write five blogs about school, sports and travel
  6. Be healthy – be active, play sports and eat less snacks and junk food
  7. Practice playing Ukulele at least once a week
  8. Read five non-school related books
  9. Compete in the National Cross Country Junior Olympics
  10. Be the top school varsity player and runner for Soccer, Track & Field, and Cross Country
  11. Speak Greek once a week with family members, or use Rosetta Stone and Duolingo
  12. Re-paint, declutter, and organize room
  13. Take a summer class (choose one): guitar, piano, dance or photography
  14. Participate in two Soccer College ID Camps
  15. Join two school clubs: one in spring and another one in Fall


These are my 2019 goals. I am confident I have what it takes to accomplish all of these goals.