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Why we need another dog
February 25, 2018. By Athena Rapinan

We got our first dog, Buddy, on July 2016. Since then, life has been different. I have learned and gained new responsibilities from owning a pet. Buddy, our almost two year old Maltipoo, has contributed much to the family. He gives us his time, love, and his unwanted messes. new dogAlthough he can be a pain sometimes when cleaning up after him, there are still many things that I enjoy about him. Buddy is soft, playful, loyal, and protective. I like bringing him on walks, playing outside, and snuggling with him.

Whenever my family is home, he gets all the attention in the world. However, when we are not, he is all alone, sad and lonely. That is why we need another dog - to give Buddy another playmate. Not only will the new dog serve as Buddy’s new friend, but it would also give us a new family member to play with. There will be less fights between my brother and I about who gets to hold the dog. I could already picture my brother and I walking the dogs together and how fun it would be.

If I were to choose which dog we would get, I would ask for another Maltipoo. They are friendly, playful, and affectionate. I think an apricot colored one (as shown in the picture above) would be perfect. I can’t wait until we can get another dog.