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My Eight Grade Experience
June 22, 2018. By Athena Rapinan

This school year went by so fast, and I cannot believe I already finished middle school. I can now officially call myself a high schooler, and will be attending Evergreen Valley High School this fall. I am excited, yet a little anxious as I do not know what to Athena's 2018  school awardsexpect. This time of year is bittersweet because I am leaving the home I was just getting used to, and am getting separated from some of my close school friends. At the same time, it is summer, and this is the time to relax, have fun, and be a kid.

This year, I am proud to say I finished my eight grade school year with a few awards I am proud of. I have also made strong friendships along the way, and many memories that will last a lifetime. Here are my eight grade school year accomplishments:

1. Four Principal’s Honor Awards – with hard work and dedication, I managed to achieve 4.0 GPA each quarter. As a result, I earned the Principal's Honor Roll award each quarter.

              2. Scholar Athlete of the Year Award – I earned this award by getting straight A’s while making a difference in Quimby Oak’s school sports. I participated in soccer, track, and cross country. Only one person for each gender gets this awards per grade.

              3. Cross Country MVP – since I contributed the most to the eight grade girls cross country team, I was named MVP.

              4. Soccer MVP – with my school soccer team, I played all positions, (except goalie) and contributed to the success of the team with goals and assists.

              5. Made a Few Good Friends – I made a few good friends from both the sports teams and my classrooms. My friends made school so much fun, and more memorable. I am glad I have met all of them.

My eight-grade experience was the best school year I have ever had yet, and has been my favorite one. Although I am a little frightened of the thought of going into high school, I am ready for a new challenge in life. This is a new chapter, and I am up for the challenge.