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My Cross Country Experience as a Freshman at Evergreen Valley, Fall 2018
November 18, 2018. By Athena Rapinan

My first season participating in Evergreen Valley High School Cross Country has been both nerve racking and exciting. Although the races could be very overwhelming, joining the sport is still rewarding. As a freshman, I was fortunate to be the top runner for the varsity girls. In my first season, I have made many memories and even made some new friends.

XC MVP AwardThis season, I have made a few significant accomplishments:

Additionally, I met the following personal goals:

  • To finish first place in one of the league meets. I accomplished this during the MHAL League Meet #3.
  • To be the fastest runner in my school’s women varsity team. For every race we participated, I finished first for my school.
  • To be the fastest freshman in one of the invitational meets. I accomplished this several times where I finished as top freshman runner: BVAL Championship, Crystal Springs Invitational, and a couple other races.

For our cross country meets, we ran at different locations with varied distances, difficulties, and competitions. To view my profile, please click here. Below is a chart of all the races I have ran, and the results.

Athena's 2018 Cross Country Season Results
Date Race Name
(Click link for official results)
My Rank
# of Runners
(Varsity Girls)
My Time
9/6/2018 MHAL League Meet #1 2.74 2nd  28 20:05.0
9/8/2018 Lowell Invitational 2.93 55th  187 19:50.7
9/13/2018 MHAL League Meet #2 2.74 4th  28 19:30.5
9/15/2018 Farmer Invitational 3 28th  180 19:58.2
9/29/2018 Scott Bauhs Invitational 2.95 13th  67 20:08.1
10/6/2018 Crystal Springs Invitational 2.95 12th  128 20:12.6
10/13/2018 Monterey Bay Invitational 3 22nd  172 20:58.9
10/17/2018 MHAL League Meet #3 2.74 1st  26 18:44.9
10/20/2018 Mt. SAC Invitational 2.93 9th  108 20:15.0
10/24/2018 MHAL League Meet #4 2.74 4th  26 18:36.2
10/29/2018 BVAL Championships 3.11 (5,000 meters) 4th  55 19:49.0
11/18/2018 CCS Championship Meet 3.11 (5,000 meters) 53rd  121 21:09.8

My overall experience of joining cross country has been great and rewarding, and I want to join again next year. For now, I am moving on to my next high school sport: soccer.