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My Seventh Grade Highlights
June 24, 2017. By Athena Rapinan

I finished my seventh grade school year with several achievements: I earned seven awards, joined two sports teams, got straight A’s each quarter, and made a few good friends. Overall, I thought seventh grade was a blast.

  • Four Principal’s Honor Awards – with hard work and dedication, I managed to achieve 4.0 GPA each quarter. As a result, I earned Principal's Honor Roll award each quarter.
  • Scholar Athlete of the Year Award – I earned this award by getting straight A’s while doing well in sports: soccer and cross country. Only one person for each gender gets this awards per grade.
  • Cross Country MVP – one person for each gender was named as the most valuable player. Since I contributed the most points for the seventh grade girls cross country team, I was named MVP.
  • Most Versatile Player Award – this award is given to me after the soccer season.  With my school soccer team, I played all positions, (except goalie) and contributed to the success of the team with goals and assists.
  • Cross Country Team – this is my first time participating in cross country competition, and I’m looking forward to 8th grade cross country.
  • Soccer Team – soccer is my favorite sports and I have been playing competitively since I was eight. I’m glad I joined my school soccer team.
  • Made a Few Good Friends – I made a few good friends from both sports teams and my classrooms. My friends made my school environment and activities much more fun, even math!

Like always, nothing is ever perfect. Seventh grade was not easy. The most challenging for me was managing my extra-curricular activities, school work, and sports all at the same time. With the help of my parents, friends, some perseverance, and hard work, I did well. 

I am so excited for the new school year to start and to go through a whole new experience.

Report Card

Scholar Athlete Award

Quimby Oak Soccer Team

Cross Country Award