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My First Pets
January 27, 2016. By Athena Rapinan

It was just after the Thanksgiving holiday when three members were added to our family. We decided to get three parakeets: a blue one named Speedy, a green one named Angel, and a white one named Beauty. Having birds are like having a younger brother or sister- you have to play with them, take care of them, and feed them.

Each bird has their own personality: Beauty is loyal, friendly, and looks like a dove. Angel is shy, quite, friendly, and has big beautiful eyes. Speedy, on the other hand, is fast, friendly, and always making a big mess. When the birds are all together, they play around and make cute little noises. It is cool listening and watching the birds play together.

Having birds are great. It is like having more people in the house to play and care for. I love watching and playing with the birds, it is so much fun! Although we have birds, I think we are still missing something - a dog!

pritty angel speedy

Ten tips on caring for Parakeets: