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FIFA Women's World CUP 2015 in Vancouver. What a great experience.
June 16, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

On June 16, 2015, my family and I watched a FIFA Women's World Cup game - USA versus Nigeria - in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We were all very excited as it was our first time participating in a world sports event. The game was held at BC Place Stadium - a beautiful stadium used during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The USA versus Nigeria soccer game was very exciting - the crowd was loud, people were happy and chanting "USA," "USA," "USA," and it was so much fun being there. My family and I were rooting for the USA team, and most people were wearing red, white, and blue. We were also wearing our USA shirts and each of us had our own USA flag.

During the game, I thought it was very cool to watch the players control the ball, pressure the opponent and try to make a play. My favorite part is when people were chanting "USA," "USA," "USA" very loudly. Overall, the game was really fun, and the fact that USA won the game made it a wonderful experience. I hope we can have another opportunity to watch a global sports event in the future.


BC Place Stadium - USA vs Nigeria

The game was about to start. My family and I were so excited. My brother and I at the "fan zone" after the game.
My family My brother and I
Getting ready for the game. Players were being introduced. Pick up soccer game with other kids outside BC Place Stadium.
Me Pickup soccer outside BC Place Stadium