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An open letter to my family: why we should get a family dog
August 19, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

Dogs are great family pets. They can make you laugh and happy. Dogs also can provide great company. With a dog, our family will be even more complete.

Did you know that dogs can improve your health? Dogs keep you on your feet, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Dogs are also great fun and could be your best friend! If you are having a bad day, your dog will be there for you to cheer you up. Additionally, having a family dog will create great memories. These are the reasons why owning a family pet is a great idea.

Below are the three dogs that I thought will be good for our family. When we get one, we can name it Sydney.

West Highlands are so cute. Golden Retrievers are good dogs for the family. The American Eskimos are playful dogs.
West Highlander golden retriever

american eskimo

There are a lot of reasons and benefits on why we should get a dog. A pet to play with and a dog to take care of are good enough reasons for me. I hope we get one soon.