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Opa, Yassou, Psomie - It's all Greek to me
November 12, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

According to my parents, my first words were: “nani” (sleep), “nero” (water), “gala” (milk), “mamma” (mom), “baba” (dad), “giagia” (grandma), “pappou” (grandpa), “kota” (chicken), “psomie” (bread) and “bala” (ball). These are all Greek words.

Since I was a baby, I was exposed to the Greek language. Whenever my older Greek relatives came over, they always spoke Greek to me. Since I thought learning Greek would be fun, at age six, I started taking lessons at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. I go twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays. Today, I know how to read, write and understand it well, but I do not speak Greek as fluently as I want to.

Recently, I have started using a new application called Rosetta Stone which I hope will help me with speaking Greek. So far, I am on the right track to becoming a fluent Greek reader, writer and speaker.

This is a video of my mom and I speaking Greek (the video is under construction).