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My life as a 5th Grader
May 17, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

Being a fifth grader could be complicated, but also really fun. I like my teacher, I like all my friends, and all the fun activities we are doing. I am going to miss 5th grade.

Looking BackMy fifth grade class picture

For the past three trimesters, I have been working hard to get good grades. I have been doing great on tests, assignments, and other activities. From all my hard work, I have received three honor-rolls, perfect attendance, and super citizenship awards. Fifth grade is fun: my teacher gave fun activities, we went on super cool field trips like the one to science camp, and I have made new friends.

Finishing Up

Fifth grade is almost over. In about three weeks, I am moving on to become a 6th grader. Since it is the end of the school year, my class has been doing a bunch of tests and projects. I have taken the state tests, star exams, and physical education tests. However, I still have the following projects to complete: expert project, bio project, song parody, poem book, and a story to write. Since I participate in band at my school, I also have a music concert coming up. I play the alto saxophone and I am excited to show my classmates and parents what I have been practicing. My extra curriculum activities like soccer, Greek school and dance are also ending soon.

Looking Ahead

Lately, I have been thinking about my future as a 6th grader. I am looking forward to 6th grade and I think I am going to enjoy it. After 5th grade ends, I will be in a summer program to prepare for the next school year. This summer will be exciting. My family and I will be traveling to different places. We are planning to take a few trips, and I am so excited. The places we may visit are Alaska; a trip to the California national parks (Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite); Women’s FIFA in Vancouver, Canada; Las Vegas, Nevada; Portland, Oregon; and Chicago, Illinois. I cannot wait!

Although 5th grade is really fun, I am looking forward for the future - sixth grade, summer school, and all the summer trips. For now, I will enjoy what is left of 5th grade while I can.

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