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Game On!
April 7, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

At age 5, I started playing recreational soccer at the Silver Creek Sportsplex. Today, I play competitive soccer at NorCal and CYSA leagues for U10 and U11 girls. I have always loved the sport. On this blog, I will share with you why I like soccer, how I prepare for the game, and what happens during and after the game.


Why I Like Soccer.
I like soccer because it is an exciting sport and I get good exercise. I am always moving, kicking, or passing the ball. After each game, I feel good and happy. Also, soccer is a fun sport. I get to meet new friends and we get to work together as a team. That is why I like soccer.

Before The Game.
Whenever my dad and I drive to the game, he would ask me: what are you going to do today? I would then answer: I will play safe, play hard, and have fun. My dad would ask me that question as a reminder on what I need to do during the game.  When I get to the game, I always warm up by doing stretches, passing drills, and running.

During The Game.
Soccer is a team sport. We work as a team to win the game. Everybody on the field has their own position that they are responsible for. Each team plays with 11 players on the field. I mainly play defense and midfield. My goal as a defender is not to let the ball pass me, so the opponent does not have an opportunity to score. My goal as a midfielder is to make good plays, control the ball, and try to help out the defenders and forwards.

After The Game.
Win or lose, I always have a great time. After each game, we would line up to high five the other team, the referees, and then we would run to the parents to high five them too. Right after that, my team would meet to discuss what we did right and what we need to improve on. My coaches take their time to talk to us about the game.

Playing soccer is my favorite sport. What is yours?

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