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My Favorite Family Trip
April 29, 2015. By Athena Rapinan

The road trip to Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite trips. We went on the trip in August 2012 for two weeks. I was almost 8 years old at the time. My family and I traveled a long way and spent a lot of quality time together. We went through five cities and states (Reno, NV to Salt Lake City, UT to Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson Hole, WY and to Gardiner, MT), and two national parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton). According to my dad, we put in almost 3,000 miles from our home all the way to Yellowstone and back.

This trip is my favorite because I got to spend quality time with my family. In the truck, we sang songs, talked, and played games. One of the games we played was counting how many Toyota Prius were on the road. Also, in this trip we got to visit many sightseeing places, and we explored some of the most scenic, fun, and beautiful places. In Yellowstone, we saw geysers, hot springs, and wild animals such as bisons and elks. Each place we visited on this road trip was fun. My favorite ones were Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, and Idaho Falls.

 Vacations are a lot of fun, but going on a road trip with my family is even better! I can't wait for our next family road trip.