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Zip Lining at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
August 9, 2014. By Arnold Rapinan

While vacationing at Cabo, we visited Wild Canyon Park where all kinds of family adventures were waiting for us to enjoy. The park had zip lines, suspension bridge, gondola ride, ATVs and animal kingdom to name a few. The park was the latest attraction while we were there and their zip line was recommended by the locals.

So my daughter and I excitedly (and she fearlessly) zip lined across one canyon to another with one of the lines over 2,670 feet in length (that is nearly 9 football fields) and hanging over 300 feet above ground. It was my fourth zip line experience and my daughter's third time (check out her Umauma zip line experience here), but Wild Canyon was by far the most extreme zip line place we have ever done. Enjoy the video below.