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Kayaking at Toronto Harbour, Ontario, Canada
June 11, 2013. By Arnold Rapinan



Kayaking at Toronto Harbour was a cool experience, one that my daughter and I will never forget. The harbour was clean and the water was blue. The sky was clear and the weather was around 70 degree. The late afternoon summer breeze provided fresh and cool air which made our kayaking experience a lot more relaxing.

The harbour was situated in front of downtown Toronto, directly across downtown were the beautiful Toronto Islands. On the right hand side was the city airport terminal and across it was a ship port. The downtown buildings were glimmering from the sun, the iconic CN Tower with Rogers Center on its side stood right in front of us, while airplanes, and occasional speed boaters, canoers and kayakers added to the craziness but yet relaxing view of the city and harbour. When I close my eyes and think about our kayak experience, it makes me want to go back and do it again.

Paddling around the harbour and enjoying the scenery from the kayak, I could not help but noticed how beautiful it was. I told my daughter, "wow, what a cool place to kayak." She agreed and said it is now her favorite place to kayak.

Next, we will kayak at Stevens Creek Reservoir.