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Kayaking at Coyote Point, San Mateo, CA
April 21, 2013. By Arnold Rapinan



The idea of kayaking at the San Francisco Bay has some coolness and excitement associated to it. For one thing, it is because the San Francisco Bay is beautiful and known for its natural beauty. So naturally, I was excited to visit Coyote Point for our first time kayak trip there.

Since it is closer from home than any other places I have frequented, I was hoping for it to be a great place to kayak. Having had several opportunities to do sailing at the bay, I expected the wave and wind to be strong. Surprisingly, the water was calm. There was almost no wave and no strong wind so we were able to get around very easily. We paddled south toward the San Mateo Bridge and back towards San Francisco International airport. There were a few people canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing, but it was not a busy Sunday morning on the water. We did not see any wildlife, but we enjoyed watching air planes landing and taking off from the San Francisco International airport.

Overall, I like Coyote Point, I enjoyed our time there and will definitely go back. Monterey, however is still my all time favorite place to kayak. For now, Coyote Point is number 2 on my list.

Next month, we will visit Santa Cruz Harbour.