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iPhone: the worst "best-smartphone"
March 4, 2010. By Arnold Rapinan


The Consumer Reports and many bloggers and experts have dubbed iPhone as the best-smartphone on the market. Well, I say it is the worst best-smartphone. Yes, let me say that again, iPhone is the worst best-smartphone!

Despite all the great applications (and there's an application for almost everything) and cool features iPhone has, the primary (telephone) function has a major flaw: sometimes the phone does not ring. You don't believe me, let me Google it for you.

I have been using iPhone since the weekend that the first generation came out to the latest 3GS version, and this flaw has always been there and it's still there today. This morning, as usual, I have my iPhone on my desk, right in front of me, and someone calls, but no ring tone and sadly no vibration (I have mine set to both ring and vibrate). A few minutes later, to my dissappointment, my beloved iPhone reminded me again why it's the worst best-smartphone: I just missed someone's call because it didn't ring. From my book, it's now officially the worst best-smartphone ever! By the way, there are other major flaws with iPhone, and let me Google it for you again. However, I still love my iPhone and will not trade it with android phones, blackberries, and the rest of copycats out there.